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AArch64BaseInfo.h File Reference
#include "MCTargetDesc/AArch64MCTargetDesc.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/STLExtras.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringSwitch.h"
#include "llvm/MC/SubtargetFeature.h"
#include "llvm/Support/ErrorHandling.h"
#include "AArch64GenSystemOperands.inc"
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struct  llvm::SysAlias
struct  llvm::SysAliasReg
struct  llvm::SysAliasImm
struct  llvm::AArch64SVCR::SVCR
struct  llvm::AArch64AT::AT
struct  llvm::AArch64DB::DB
struct  llvm::AArch64DBnXS::DBnXS
struct  llvm::AArch64DC::DC
struct  llvm::AArch64IC::IC
struct  llvm::AArch64ISB::ISB
struct  llvm::AArch64TSB::TSB
struct  llvm::AArch64PRFM::PRFM
struct  llvm::AArch64SVEPRFM::SVEPRFM
struct  llvm::AArch64SVEPredPattern::SVEPREDPAT
struct  llvm::AArch64ExactFPImm::ExactFPImm
struct  llvm::AArch64PState::PState
struct  llvm::AArch64PSBHint::PSB
struct  llvm::AArch64BTIHint::BTI
struct  llvm::AArch64SysReg::SysReg
struct  llvm::AArch64TLBI::TLBI
struct  llvm::AArch64PRCTX::PRCTX


 This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.


#define GET_AT_DECL
#define GET_DB_DECL
#define GET_DC_DECL
#define GET_IC_DECL
#define GET_ISB_DECL
#define GET_TSB_DECL
#define GET_PSB_DECL
#define GET_BTI_DECL
#define GET_TLBITable_DECL


enum  llvm::AArch64CC::CondCode {
  llvm::AArch64CC::EQ = 0x0, llvm::AArch64CC::NE = 0x1, llvm::AArch64CC::HS = 0x2, llvm::AArch64CC::LO = 0x3,
  llvm::AArch64CC::MI = 0x4, llvm::AArch64CC::PL = 0x5, llvm::AArch64CC::VS = 0x6, llvm::AArch64CC::VC = 0x7,
  llvm::AArch64CC::HI = 0x8, llvm::AArch64CC::LS = 0x9, llvm::AArch64CC::GE = 0xa, llvm::AArch64CC::LT = 0xb,
  llvm::AArch64CC::GT = 0xc, llvm::AArch64CC::LE = 0xd, llvm::AArch64CC::AL = 0xe, llvm::AArch64CC::NV = 0xf,
  llvm::AArch64CC::Invalid, llvm::AArch64CC::ANY_ACTIVE = NE, llvm::AArch64CC::FIRST_ACTIVE = MI, llvm::AArch64CC::LAST_ACTIVE = LO,
  llvm::AArch64CC::NONE_ACTIVE = EQ
enum  llvm::AArch64SE::ShiftExtSpecifiers {
  llvm::AArch64SE::Invalid = -1, llvm::AArch64SE::LSL, llvm::AArch64SE::MSL, llvm::AArch64SE::LSR,
  llvm::AArch64SE::ASR, llvm::AArch64SE::ROR, llvm::AArch64SE::UXTB, llvm::AArch64SE::UXTH,
  llvm::AArch64SE::UXTW, llvm::AArch64SE::UXTX, llvm::AArch64SE::SXTB, llvm::AArch64SE::SXTH,
  llvm::AArch64SE::SXTW, llvm::AArch64SE::SXTX
enum  llvm::AArch64Layout::VectorLayout {
  llvm::AArch64Layout::Invalid = -1, llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_8B, llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_4H, llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_2S,
  llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_1D, llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_16B, llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_8H, llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_4S,
  llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_2D, llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_B, llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_H, llvm::AArch64Layout::VL_S,
enum  llvm::AArch64II::TOF {
  llvm::AArch64II::MO_NO_FLAG, llvm::AArch64II::MO_FRAGMENT = 0x7, llvm::AArch64II::MO_PAGE = 1, llvm::AArch64II::MO_PAGEOFF = 2,
  llvm::AArch64II::MO_G3 = 3, llvm::AArch64II::MO_G2 = 4, llvm::AArch64II::MO_G1 = 5, llvm::AArch64II::MO_G0 = 6,
  llvm::AArch64II::MO_HI12 = 7, llvm::AArch64II::MO_COFFSTUB = 0x8, llvm::AArch64II::MO_GOT = 0x10, llvm::AArch64II::MO_NC = 0x20,
  llvm::AArch64II::MO_TLS = 0x40, llvm::AArch64II::MO_DLLIMPORT = 0x80, llvm::AArch64II::MO_S = 0x100, llvm::AArch64II::MO_PREL = 0x200,
  llvm::AArch64II::MO_TAGGED = 0x400
 Target Operand Flag enum. More...


static unsigned llvm::getWRegFromXReg (unsigned Reg)
static unsigned llvm::getXRegFromWReg (unsigned Reg)
static unsigned llvm::getXRegFromXRegTuple (unsigned RegTuple)
static unsigned llvm::getBRegFromDReg (unsigned Reg)
static unsigned llvm::getDRegFromBReg (unsigned Reg)
static bool llvm::atomicBarrierDroppedOnZero (unsigned Opcode)
static const char * llvm::AArch64CC::getCondCodeName (CondCode Code)
static CondCode llvm::AArch64CC::getInvertedCondCode (CondCode Code)
static unsigned llvm::AArch64CC::getNZCVToSatisfyCondCode (CondCode Code)
 Given a condition code, return NZCV flags that would satisfy that condition. More...
static bool llvm::AArch64CC::isReflexive (CondCode Code)
 Return true if Code is a reflexive relationship: forall x. More...
static bool llvm::AArch64CC::isIrreflexive (CondCode Code)
 Return true if Code is an irreflexive relationship: forall x. More...
unsigned llvm::getNumElementsFromSVEPredPattern (unsigned Pattern)
 Return the number of active elements for VL1 to VL256 predicate pattern, zero for all other patterns. More...
Optional< unsigned > llvm::getSVEPredPatternFromNumElements (unsigned MinNumElts)
 Return specific VL predicate pattern based on the number of elements. More...
static const char * llvm::AArch64VectorLayoutToString (AArch64Layout::VectorLayout Layout)
static AArch64Layout::VectorLayout llvm::AArch64StringToVectorLayout (StringRef LayoutStr)
const SysReg * llvm::AArch64SysReg::lookupSysRegByName (StringRef)
const SysReg * llvm::AArch64SysReg::lookupSysRegByEncoding (uint16_t)
uint32_t llvm::AArch64SysReg::parseGenericRegister (StringRef Name)
std::string llvm::AArch64SysReg::genericRegisterString (uint32_t Bits)


static constexpr unsigned llvm::AArch64::SVEBitsPerBlock = 128
static constexpr unsigned llvm::AArch64::SVEMaxBitsPerVector = 2048

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#define GET_AT_DECL

Definition at line 416 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.


#define GET_BTI_DECL

Definition at line 579 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.


#define GET_DB_DECL

Definition at line 424 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.



Definition at line 432 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.


#define GET_DC_DECL

Definition at line 440 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.



Definition at line 555 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.


#define GET_IC_DECL

Definition at line 448 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.


#define GET_ISB_DECL

Definition at line 456 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.



Definition at line 700 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.



Definition at line 472 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.


#define GET_PSB_DECL

Definition at line 571 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.



Definition at line 563 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.



Definition at line 408 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.



Definition at line 489 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.



Definition at line 480 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.



Definition at line 678 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.


#define GET_TLBITable_DECL

Definition at line 692 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.


#define GET_TSB_DECL

Definition at line 464 of file AArch64BaseInfo.h.