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1//===- NativeSession.h - Native implementation of IPDBSession ---*- C++ -*-===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
13#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
18#include "llvm/Support/Error.h"
20namespace llvm {
21class MemoryBuffer;
22namespace pdb {
23class PDBFile;
24class NativeExeSymbol;
25class IPDBSourceFile;
26class ModuleDebugStreamRef;
27class PDBSymbol;
28class PDBSymbolCompiland;
29class PDBSymbolExe;
30template <typename ChildType> class IPDBEnumChildren;
32class NativeSession : public IPDBSession {
33 struct PdbSearchOptions {
34 StringRef ExePath;
35 // FIXME: Add other PDB search options (_NT_SYMBOL_PATH, symsrv)
36 };
39 NativeSession(std::unique_ptr<PDBFile> PdbFile,
40 std::unique_ptr<BumpPtrAllocator> Allocator);
41 ~NativeSession() override;
43 static Error createFromPdb(std::unique_ptr<MemoryBuffer> MB,
44 std::unique_ptr<IPDBSession> &Session);
45 static Error createFromPdbPath(StringRef PdbPath,
46 std::unique_ptr<IPDBSession> &Session);
48 std::unique_ptr<IPDBSession> &Session);
49 static Expected<std::string> searchForPdb(const PdbSearchOptions &Opts);
51 uint64_t getLoadAddress() const override;
52 bool setLoadAddress(uint64_t Address) override;
53 std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbolExe> getGlobalScope() override;
54 std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbol> getSymbolById(SymIndexId SymbolId) const override;
56 bool addressForVA(uint64_t VA, uint32_t &Section,
57 uint32_t &Offset) const override;
58 bool addressForRVA(uint32_t RVA, uint32_t &Section,
59 uint32_t &Offset) const override;
61 std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbol> findSymbolByAddress(uint64_t Address,
62 PDB_SymType Type) override;
63 std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbol> findSymbolByRVA(uint32_t RVA,
64 PDB_SymType Type) override;
65 std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbol> findSymbolBySectOffset(uint32_t Sect,
67 PDB_SymType Type) override;
69 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumLineNumbers>
71 const IPDBSourceFile &File) const override;
72 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumLineNumbers>
74 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumLineNumbers>
75 findLineNumbersByRVA(uint32_t RVA, uint32_t Length) const override;
76 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumLineNumbers>
78 uint32_t Length) const override;
80 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSourceFiles>
82 PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const override;
83 std::unique_ptr<IPDBSourceFile>
86 PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const override;
87 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumChildren<PDBSymbolCompiland>>
89 PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const override;
90 std::unique_ptr<PDBSymbolCompiland>
92 PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const override;
93 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSourceFiles> getAllSourceFiles() const override;
94 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSourceFiles> getSourceFilesForCompiland(
95 const PDBSymbolCompiland &Compiland) const override;
96 std::unique_ptr<IPDBSourceFile>
97 getSourceFileById(uint32_t FileId) const override;
99 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumDataStreams> getDebugStreams() const override;
101 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumTables> getEnumTables() const override;
103 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumInjectedSources> getInjectedSources() const override;
105 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumSectionContribs> getSectionContribs() const override;
107 std::unique_ptr<IPDBEnumFrameData> getFrameData() const override;
109 PDBFile &getPDBFile() { return *Pdb; }
110 const PDBFile &getPDBFile() const { return *Pdb; }
113 SymbolCache &getSymbolCache() { return Cache; }
114 const SymbolCache &getSymbolCache() const { return Cache; }
117 bool moduleIndexForVA(uint64_t VA, uint16_t &ModuleIndex) const;
119 uint16_t &ModuleIndex) const;
123 void initializeExeSymbol();
124 void parseSectionContribs();
126 std::unique_ptr<PDBFile> Pdb;
127 std::unique_ptr<BumpPtrAllocator> Allocator;
129 SymbolCache Cache;
130 SymIndexId ExeSymbol = 0;
131 uint64_t LoadAddress = 0;
133 /// Map from virtual address to module index.
134 using IMap =
136 IMap::Allocator IMapAllocator;
137 IMap AddrToModuleIndex;
139} // namespace pdb
140} // namespace llvm
This file defines the BumpPtrAllocator interface.
This file implements a coalescing interval map for small objects.
Basic Register Allocator
Lightweight error class with error context and mandatory checking.
Definition: Error.h:160
Tagged union holding either a T or a Error.
Definition: Error.h:481
StringRef - Represent a constant reference to a string, i.e.
Definition: StringRef.h:50
The instances of the Type class are immutable: once they are created, they are never changed.
Definition: Type.h:45
IPDBSession defines an interface used to provide a context for querying debug information from a debu...
Definition: IPDBSession.h:25
IPDBSourceFile defines an interface used to represent source files whose information are stored in th...
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumFrameData > getFrameData() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSourceFiles > getSourceFilesForCompiland(const PDBSymbolCompiland &Compiland) const override
SymbolCache & getSymbolCache()
static Expected< std::string > searchForPdb(const PdbSearchOptions &Opts)
std::unique_ptr< PDBSymbolExe > getGlobalScope() override
bool addressForVA(uint64_t VA, uint32_t &Section, uint32_t &Offset) const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSourceFiles > findSourceFiles(const PDBSymbolCompiland *Compiland, llvm::StringRef Pattern, PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const override
bool addressForRVA(uint32_t RVA, uint32_t &Section, uint32_t &Offset) const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumLineNumbers > findLineNumbersByRVA(uint32_t RVA, uint32_t Length) const override
bool moduleIndexForSectOffset(uint32_t Sect, uint32_t Offset, uint16_t &ModuleIndex) const
uint64_t getVAFromSectOffset(uint32_t Section, uint32_t Offset) const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumLineNumbers > findLineNumbersBySectOffset(uint32_t Section, uint32_t Offset, uint32_t Length) const override
static Error createFromPdb(std::unique_ptr< MemoryBuffer > MB, std::unique_ptr< IPDBSession > &Session)
static Error createFromExe(StringRef Path, std::unique_ptr< IPDBSession > &Session)
std::unique_ptr< PDBSymbol > findSymbolBySectOffset(uint32_t Sect, uint32_t Offset, PDB_SymType Type) override
const SymbolCache & getSymbolCache() const
std::unique_ptr< PDBSymbolCompiland > findOneCompilandForSourceFile(llvm::StringRef Pattern, PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const override
uint32_t getRVAFromSectOffset(uint32_t Section, uint32_t Offset) const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumInjectedSources > getInjectedSources() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumTables > getEnumTables() const override
static Error createFromPdbPath(StringRef PdbPath, std::unique_ptr< IPDBSession > &Session)
bool setLoadAddress(uint64_t Address) override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBSourceFile > getSourceFileById(uint32_t FileId) const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSectionContribs > getSectionContribs() const override
const PDBFile & getPDBFile() const
NativeExeSymbol & getNativeGlobalScope() const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumChildren< PDBSymbolCompiland > > findCompilandsForSourceFile(llvm::StringRef Pattern, PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumLineNumbers > findLineNumbersByAddress(uint64_t Address, uint32_t Length) const override
std::unique_ptr< PDBSymbol > findSymbolByAddress(uint64_t Address, PDB_SymType Type) override
Expected< ModuleDebugStreamRef > getModuleDebugStream(uint32_t Index) const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumSourceFiles > getAllSourceFiles() const override
bool moduleIndexForVA(uint64_t VA, uint16_t &ModuleIndex) const
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumDataStreams > getDebugStreams() const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBEnumLineNumbers > findLineNumbers(const PDBSymbolCompiland &Compiland, const IPDBSourceFile &File) const override
std::unique_ptr< PDBSymbol > getSymbolById(SymIndexId SymbolId) const override
std::unique_ptr< IPDBSourceFile > findOneSourceFile(const PDBSymbolCompiland *Compiland, llvm::StringRef Pattern, PDB_NameSearchFlags Flags) const override
std::unique_ptr< PDBSymbol > findSymbolByRVA(uint32_t RVA, PDB_SymType Type) override
uint64_t getLoadAddress() const override
uint32_t SymIndexId
Definition: PDBTypes.h:26
Defines flags used for enumerating child symbols.
Definition: PDBTypes.h:102
These values correspond to the SymTagEnum enumeration, and are documented here: https://msdn....
Definition: PDBTypes.h:243
This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
Definition: AddressRanges.h:18
@ Length
Definition: DWP.cpp:456