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1//===---------------------------- Context.cpp -------------------*- C++ -*-===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
8/// \file
10/// This file defines a class for holding ownership of various simulated
11/// hardware units. A Context also provides a utility routine for constructing
12/// a default out-of-order pipeline with fetch, dispatch, execute, and retire
13/// stages.
17#include "llvm/MCA/Context.h"
28namespace llvm {
29namespace mca {
33 CustomBehaviour &CB) {
34 const MCSchedModel &SM = STI.getSchedModel();
36 if (!SM.isOutOfOrder())
37 return createInOrderPipeline(Opts, SrcMgr, CB);
39 // Create the hardware units defining the backend.
40 auto RCU = std::make_unique<RetireControlUnit>(SM);
41 auto PRF = std::make_unique<RegisterFile>(SM, MRI, Opts.RegisterFileSize);
42 auto LSU = std::make_unique<LSUnit>(SM, Opts.LoadQueueSize,
43 Opts.StoreQueueSize, Opts.AssumeNoAlias);
44 auto HWS = std::make_unique<Scheduler>(SM, *LSU);
46 // Create the pipeline stages.
47 auto Fetch = std::make_unique<EntryStage>(SrcMgr);
48 auto Dispatch =
49 std::make_unique<DispatchStage>(STI, MRI, Opts.DispatchWidth, *RCU, *PRF);
50 auto Execute =
51 std::make_unique<ExecuteStage>(*HWS, Opts.EnableBottleneckAnalysis);
52 auto Retire = std::make_unique<RetireStage>(*RCU, *PRF, *LSU);
54 // Pass the ownership of all the hardware units to this Context.
55 addHardwareUnit(std::move(RCU));
56 addHardwareUnit(std::move(PRF));
57 addHardwareUnit(std::move(LSU));
58 addHardwareUnit(std::move(HWS));
60 // Build the pipeline.
61 auto StagePipeline = std::make_unique<Pipeline>();
62 StagePipeline->appendStage(std::move(Fetch));
63 if (Opts.MicroOpQueueSize)
64 StagePipeline->appendStage(std::make_unique<MicroOpQueueStage>(
66 StagePipeline->appendStage(std::move(Dispatch));
67 StagePipeline->appendStage(std::move(Execute));
68 StagePipeline->appendStage(std::move(Retire));
69 return StagePipeline;
74 CustomBehaviour &CB) {
75 const MCSchedModel &SM = STI.getSchedModel();
76 auto PRF = std::make_unique<RegisterFile>(SM, MRI, Opts.RegisterFileSize);
77 auto LSU = std::make_unique<LSUnit>(SM, Opts.LoadQueueSize,
78 Opts.StoreQueueSize, Opts.AssumeNoAlias);
80 // Create the pipeline stages.
81 auto Entry = std::make_unique<EntryStage>(SrcMgr);
82 auto InOrderIssue = std::make_unique<InOrderIssueStage>(STI, *PRF, CB, *LSU);
83 auto StagePipeline = std::make_unique<Pipeline>();
85 // Pass the ownership of all the hardware units to this Context.
86 addHardwareUnit(std::move(PRF));
87 addHardwareUnit(std::move(LSU));
89 // Build the pipeline.
90 StagePipeline->appendStage(std::move(Entry));
91 StagePipeline->appendStage(std::move(InOrderIssue));
92 return StagePipeline;
95} // namespace mca
96} // namespace llvm
This file defines a class for holding ownership of various simulated hardware units.
This file models the dispatch component of an instruction pipeline.
This file defines the Entry stage of an instruction pipeline.
This file defines the execution stage of a default instruction pipeline.
InOrderIssueStage implements an in-order execution pipeline.
This file defines a stage that implements a queue of micro opcodes.
static bool Execute(ProcessInfo &PI, StringRef Program, ArrayRef< StringRef > Args, std::optional< ArrayRef< StringRef > > Env, ArrayRef< std::optional< StringRef > > Redirects, unsigned MemoryLimit, std::string *ErrMsg, BitVector *AffinityMask, bool DetachProcess)
This file defines a register mapping file class.
This file simulates the hardware responsible for retiring instructions.
This file defines the retire stage of a default instruction pipeline.
A scheduler for Processor Resource Units and Processor Resource Groups.
const MCSchedModel & getSchedModel() const
Get the machine model for this subtarget's CPU.
std::unique_ptr< Pipeline > createInOrderPipeline(const PipelineOptions &Opts, SourceMgr &SrcMgr, CustomBehaviour &CB)
Construct a basic pipeline for simulating an in-order pipeline.
Definition: Context.cpp:73
void addHardwareUnit(std::unique_ptr< HardwareUnit > H)
Definition: Context.h:64
std::unique_ptr< Pipeline > createDefaultPipeline(const PipelineOptions &Opts, SourceMgr &SrcMgr, CustomBehaviour &CB)
Construct a basic pipeline for simulating an out-of-order pipeline.
Definition: Context.cpp:32
Class which can be overriden by targets to enforce instruction dependencies and behaviours that aren'...
This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
Definition: AddressRanges.h:18
SourceMgr SrcMgr
Definition: Error.cpp:24
Machine model for scheduling, bundling, and heuristics.
Definition: MCSchedule.h:253
bool isOutOfOrder() const
Return true if machine supports out of order execution.
Definition: MCSchedule.h:347
This is a convenience struct to hold the parameters necessary for creating the pre-built "default" ou...
Definition: Context.h:33
unsigned DecodersThroughput
Definition: Context.h:42
Abstracting the input code sequence (a sequence of MCInst) and assigning unique identifiers to every ...
Definition: SourceMgr.h:29