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llvm::ModuleSlotTracker Class Reference

Manage lifetime of a slot tracker for printing IR. More...

#include "llvm/IR/ModuleSlotTracker.h"

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Public Types

using MachineMDNodeListType = std::vector< std::pair< unsigned, const MDNode * > >

Public Member Functions

 ModuleSlotTracker (SlotTracker &Machine, const Module *M, const Function *F=nullptr)
 Wrap a preinitialized SlotTracker.
 ModuleSlotTracker (const Module *M, bool ShouldInitializeAllMetadata=true)
 Construct a slot tracker from a module.
virtual ~ModuleSlotTracker ()
 Destructor to clean up storage.
SlotTrackergetMachine ()
 Lazily creates a slot tracker.
const ModulegetModule () const
const FunctiongetCurrentFunction () const
void incorporateFunction (const Function &F)
 Incorporate the given function.
int getLocalSlot (const Value *V)
 Return the slot number of the specified local value.
void setProcessHook (std::function< void(AbstractSlotTrackerStorage *, const Module *, bool)>)
void setProcessHook (std::function< void(AbstractSlotTrackerStorage *, const Function *, bool)>)
void collectMDNodes (MachineMDNodeListType &L, unsigned LB, unsigned UB) const

Detailed Description

Manage lifetime of a slot tracker for printing IR.

Wrapper around the SlotTracker used internally by AsmWriter. This class allows callers to share the cost of incorporating the metadata in a module or a function.

If the IR changes from underneath ModuleSlotTracker, strings like "<badref>" will be printed, or, worse, the wrong slots entirely.

Definition at line 44 of file ModuleSlotTracker.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ MachineMDNodeListType

Definition at line 101 of file ModuleSlotTracker.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ModuleSlotTracker() [1/2]

ModuleSlotTracker::ModuleSlotTracker ( SlotTracker Machine,
const Module M,
const Function F = nullptr 

Wrap a preinitialized SlotTracker.

Definition at line 876 of file AsmWriter.cpp.

◆ ModuleSlotTracker() [2/2]

ModuleSlotTracker::ModuleSlotTracker ( const Module M,
bool  ShouldInitializeAllMetadata = true 

Construct a slot tracker from a module.

If M is nullptr, uses a null slot tracker. Otherwise, initializes a slot tracker, and initializes all metadata slots. ShouldInitializeAllMetadata defaults to true because this is expected to be shared between multiple callers, and otherwise MDNode references will not match up.

Definition at line 880 of file AsmWriter.cpp.

◆ ~ModuleSlotTracker()

ModuleSlotTracker::~ModuleSlotTracker ( )

Destructor to clean up storage.

Member Function Documentation

◆ collectMDNodes()

void ModuleSlotTracker::collectMDNodes ( MachineMDNodeListType L,
unsigned  LB,
unsigned  UB 
) const

Definition at line 5251 of file AsmWriter.cpp.

References I, and llvm::make_range().

Referenced by llvm::MachineModuleSlotTracker::collectMachineMDNodes().

◆ getCurrentFunction()

const Function * llvm::ModuleSlotTracker::getCurrentFunction ( ) const

Definition at line 81 of file ModuleSlotTracker.h.

References F.

Referenced by printIRBlockReference(), and llvm::MIRFormatter::printIRValue().

◆ getLocalSlot()

int ModuleSlotTracker::getLocalSlot ( const Value V)

Return the slot number of the specified local value.

A function that defines this value should be incorporated prior to calling this method. Return -1 if the value is not in the function's SlotTracker.

Definition at line 916 of file AsmWriter.cpp.

References assert(), and llvm::SlotTracker::getLocalSlot().

Referenced by initSlots2BasicBlocks(), mapValueToSlot(), printIRBlockReference(), llvm::MIRFormatter::printIRValue(), and llvm::MachineBasicBlock::printName().

◆ getMachine()

SlotTracker * ModuleSlotTracker::getMachine ( )

◆ getModule()

const Module * llvm::ModuleSlotTracker::getModule ( ) const

Definition at line 80 of file ModuleSlotTracker.h.

Referenced by llvm::Value::printAsOperand(), and printAsOperandImpl().

◆ incorporateFunction()

void ModuleSlotTracker::incorporateFunction ( const Function F)

◆ setProcessHook() [1/2]

void ModuleSlotTracker::setProcessHook ( std::function< void(AbstractSlotTrackerStorage *, const Function *, bool)>  Fn)

Definition at line 927 of file AsmWriter.cpp.

◆ setProcessHook() [2/2]

void ModuleSlotTracker::setProcessHook ( std::function< void(AbstractSlotTrackerStorage *, const Module *, bool)>  Fn)

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