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llvm::mca::InstrBuilder Class Reference

A builder class that knows how to construct Instruction objects. More...

#include "llvm/MCA/InstrBuilder.h"

Public Member Functions

 InstrBuilder (const MCSubtargetInfo &STI, const MCInstrInfo &MCII, const MCRegisterInfo &RI, const MCInstrAnalysis *IA)
void clear ()
Expected< std::unique_ptr< Instruction > > createInstruction (const MCInst &MCI)

Detailed Description

A builder class that knows how to construct Instruction objects.

Every llvm-mca Instruction is described by an object of class InstrDesc. An InstrDesc describes which registers are read/written by the instruction, as well as the instruction latency and hardware resources consumed.

This class is used by the tool to construct Instructions and instruction descriptors (i.e. InstrDesc objects). Information from the machine scheduling model is used to identify processor resources that are consumed by an instruction.

Definition at line 38 of file InstrBuilder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InstrBuilder()

llvm::mca::InstrBuilder::InstrBuilder ( const MCSubtargetInfo STI,
const MCInstrInfo MCII,
const MCRegisterInfo RI,
const MCInstrAnalysis IA 

Member Function Documentation

◆ clear()

void llvm::mca::InstrBuilder::clear ( )

◆ createInstruction()

Expected< std::unique_ptr< Instruction > > llvm::mca::InstrBuilder::createInstruction ( const MCInst MCI)

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