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1//===-- CGProfile.cpp -----------------------------------------------------===//
3// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
4// See https://llvm.org/LICENSE.txt for license information.
5// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
11#include "llvm/ADT/MapVector.h"
15#include "llvm/IR/Constants.h"
16#include "llvm/IR/MDBuilder.h"
17#include "llvm/IR/PassManager.h"
20#include <optional>
22using namespace llvm;
24static bool
26 MapVector<std::pair<Function *, Function *>, uint64_t> &Counts) {
27 if (Counts.empty())
28 return false;
30 LLVMContext &Context = M.getContext();
31 MDBuilder MDB(Context);
32 std::vector<Metadata *> Nodes;
34 for (auto E : Counts) {
35 Metadata *Vals[] = {ValueAsMetadata::get(E.first.first),
36 ValueAsMetadata::get(E.first.second),
38 Type::getInt64Ty(Context), E.second))};
39 Nodes.push_back(MDNode::get(Context, Vals));
40 }
42 M.addModuleFlag(Module::Append, "CG Profile",
44 return true;
48 bool InLTO) {
50 InstrProfSymtab Symtab;
51 auto UpdateCounts = [&](TargetTransformInfo &TTI, Function *F,
52 Function *CalledF, uint64_t NewCount) {
53 if (NewCount == 0)
54 return;
55 if (!CalledF || !TTI.isLoweredToCall(CalledF) ||
56 CalledF->hasDLLImportStorageClass())
57 return;
58 uint64_t &Count = Counts[std::make_pair(F, CalledF)];
59 Count = SaturatingAdd(Count, NewCount);
60 };
61 // Ignore error here. Indirect calls are ignored if this fails.
62 (void)(bool)Symtab.create(M, InLTO);
63 for (auto &F : M) {
64 // Avoid extra cost of running passes for BFI when the function doesn't have
65 // entry count.
66 if (F.isDeclaration() || !F.getEntryCount())
67 continue;
69 if (BFI.getEntryFreq() == BlockFrequency(0))
70 continue;
72 for (auto &BB : F) {
73 std::optional<uint64_t> BBCount = BFI.getBlockProfileCount(&BB);
74 if (!BBCount)
75 continue;
76 for (auto &I : BB) {
77 CallBase *CB = dyn_cast<CallBase>(&I);
78 if (!CB)
79 continue;
80 if (CB->isIndirectCall()) {
81 InstrProfValueData ValueData[8];
82 uint32_t ActualNumValueData;
83 uint64_t TotalC;
84 if (!getValueProfDataFromInst(*CB, IPVK_IndirectCallTarget, 8,
85 ValueData, ActualNumValueData, TotalC))
86 continue;
87 for (const auto &VD :
88 ArrayRef<InstrProfValueData>(ValueData, ActualNumValueData)) {
89 UpdateCounts(TTI, &F, Symtab.getFunction(VD.Value), VD.Count);
90 }
91 continue;
92 }
93 UpdateCounts(TTI, &F, CB->getCalledFunction(), *BBCount);
94 }
95 }
96 }
98 return addModuleFlags(M, Counts);
104 runCGProfilePass(M, FAM, InLTO);
106 return PreservedAnalyses::all();
static GCRegistry::Add< CoreCLRGC > E("coreclr", "CoreCLR-compatible GC")
static bool addModuleFlags(Module &M, MapVector< std::pair< Function *, Function * >, uint64_t > &Counts)
Definition: CGProfile.cpp:25
static bool runCGProfilePass(Module &M, FunctionAnalysisManager &FAM, bool InLTO)
Definition: CGProfile.cpp:47
This file provides the interface for LLVM's Call Graph Profile pass.
This file contains the declarations for the subclasses of Constant, which represent the different fla...
#define F(x, y, z)
Definition: MD5.cpp:55
#define I(x, y, z)
Definition: MD5.cpp:58
This file implements a map that provides insertion order iteration.
LLVMContext & Context
FunctionAnalysisManager FAM
ModuleAnalysisManager MAM
This header defines various interfaces for pass management in LLVM.
This pass exposes codegen information to IR-level passes.
A container for analyses that lazily runs them and caches their results.
Definition: PassManager.h:348
PassT::Result & getResult(IRUnitT &IR, ExtraArgTs... ExtraArgs)
Get the result of an analysis pass for a given IR unit.
Definition: PassManager.h:500
ArrayRef - Represent a constant reference to an array (0 or more elements consecutively in memory),...
Definition: ArrayRef.h:41
Analysis pass which computes BlockFrequencyInfo.
PreservedAnalyses run(Module &M, ModuleAnalysisManager &AM)
Definition: CGProfile.cpp:101
Base class for all callable instructions (InvokeInst and CallInst) Holds everything related to callin...
Definition: InstrTypes.h:1259
Function * getCalledFunction() const
Returns the function called, or null if this is an indirect function invocation or the function signa...
Definition: InstrTypes.h:1481
bool isIndirectCall() const
Return true if the callsite is an indirect call.
static Constant * get(Type *Ty, uint64_t V, bool IsSigned=false)
If Ty is a vector type, return a Constant with a splat of the given value.
Definition: Constants.cpp:888
An analysis over an "outer" IR unit that provides access to an analysis manager over an "inner" IR un...
Definition: PassManager.h:658
A symbol table used for function [IR]PGO name look-up with keys (such as pointers,...
Definition: InstrProf.h:429
Function * getFunction(uint64_t FuncMD5Hash)
Return function from the name's md5 hash. Return nullptr if not found.
Definition: InstrProf.h:598
Error create(object::SectionRef &Section)
Create InstrProfSymtab from an object file section which contains function PGO names.
This is an important class for using LLVM in a threaded context.
Definition: LLVMContext.h:67
ConstantAsMetadata * createConstant(Constant *C)
Return the given constant as metadata.
Definition: MDBuilder.cpp:24
static MDTuple * get(LLVMContext &Context, ArrayRef< Metadata * > MDs)
Definition: Metadata.h:1541
static MDTuple * getDistinct(LLVMContext &Context, ArrayRef< Metadata * > MDs)
Return a distinct node.
Definition: Metadata.h:1509
This class implements a map that also provides access to all stored values in a deterministic order.
Definition: MapVector.h:36
Root of the metadata hierarchy.
Definition: Metadata.h:62
A Module instance is used to store all the information related to an LLVM module.
Definition: Module.h:65
@ Append
Appends the two values, which are required to be metadata nodes.
Definition: Module.h:139
A set of analyses that are preserved following a run of a transformation pass.
Definition: Analysis.h:109
static PreservedAnalyses all()
Construct a special preserved set that preserves all passes.
Definition: Analysis.h:115
Analysis pass providing the TargetTransformInfo.
This pass provides access to the codegen interfaces that are needed for IR-level transformations.
bool isLoweredToCall(const Function *F) const
Test whether calls to a function lower to actual program function calls.
static IntegerType * getInt64Ty(LLVMContext &C)
static ValueAsMetadata * get(Value *V)
Definition: Metadata.cpp:492
This is an optimization pass for GlobalISel generic memory operations.
Definition: AddressRanges.h:18
bool getValueProfDataFromInst(const Instruction &Inst, InstrProfValueKind ValueKind, uint32_t MaxNumValueData, InstrProfValueData ValueData[], uint32_t &ActualNumValueData, uint64_t &TotalC, bool GetNoICPValue=false)
Extract the value profile data from Inst which is annotated with value profile meta data.
Definition: InstrProf.cpp:1219
TargetTransformInfo TTI
std::enable_if_t< std::is_unsigned_v< T >, T > SaturatingAdd(T X, T Y, bool *ResultOverflowed=nullptr)
Add two unsigned integers, X and Y, of type T.
Definition: MathExtras.h:478