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llvm::ARM_MC Namespace Reference


std::string ParseARMTriple (const Triple &TT, StringRef CPU)
void initLLVMToCVRegMapping (MCRegisterInfo *MRI)
bool isPredicated (const MCInst &MI, const MCInstrInfo *MCII)
bool isCPSRDefined (const MCInst &MI, const MCInstrInfo *MCII)
template<class Inst >
bool isLDMBaseRegInList (const Inst &MI)
uint64_t evaluateBranchTarget (const MCInstrDesc &InstDesc, uint64_t Addr, int64_t Imm)
MCSubtargetInfocreateARMMCSubtargetInfo (const Triple &TT, StringRef CPU, StringRef FS)
 Create a ARM MCSubtargetInfo instance.

Function Documentation

◆ createARMMCSubtargetInfo()

MCSubtargetInfo * llvm::ARM_MC::createARMMCSubtargetInfo ( const Triple TT,
StringRef  CPU,
StringRef  FS 

Create a ARM MCSubtargetInfo instance.

This is exposed so Asm parser, etc. do not need to go through TargetRegistry.

Definition at line 204 of file ARMMCTargetDesc.cpp.

References ParseARMTriple().

Referenced by LLVMInitializeARMTargetMC().

◆ evaluateBranchTarget()

uint64_t llvm::ARM_MC::evaluateBranchTarget ( const MCInstrDesc InstDesc,
uint64_t  Addr,
int64_t  Imm 

◆ initLLVMToCVRegMapping()

void llvm::ARM_MC::initLLVMToCVRegMapping ( MCRegisterInfo MRI)

◆ isCPSRDefined()

bool llvm::ARM_MC::isCPSRDefined ( const MCInst MI,
const MCInstrInfo MCII 

◆ isLDMBaseRegInList()

template<class Inst >
bool llvm::ARM_MC::isLDMBaseRegInList ( const Inst &  MI)

Definition at line 48 of file ARMMCTargetDesc.h.

References E, I, and MI.

◆ isPredicated()

bool llvm::ARM_MC::isPredicated ( const MCInst MI,
const MCInstrInfo MCII 

Definition at line 169 of file ARMMCTargetDesc.cpp.

References llvm::ARMCC::AL, llvm::MCInstrInfo::get(), and MI.

◆ ParseARMTriple()

std::string llvm::ARM_MC::ParseARMTriple ( const Triple TT,
StringRef  CPU