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llvm::FixedVectorType Class Reference

Class to represent fixed width SIMD vectors. More...

#include "llvm/IR/DerivedTypes.h"

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Public Member Functions

unsigned getNumElements () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::VectorType
 VectorType (const VectorType &)=delete
VectorTypeoperator= (const VectorType &)=delete
TypegetElementType () const
ElementCount getElementCount () const
 Return an ElementCount instance to represent the (possibly scalable) number of elements in the vector.
- Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::Type
void print (raw_ostream &O, bool IsForDebug=false, bool NoDetails=false) const
 Print the current type.
void dump () const
LLVMContextgetContext () const
 Return the LLVMContext in which this type was uniqued.
TypeID getTypeID () const
 Return the type id for the type.
bool isVoidTy () const
 Return true if this is 'void'.
bool isHalfTy () const
 Return true if this is 'half', a 16-bit IEEE fp type.
bool isBFloatTy () const
 Return true if this is 'bfloat', a 16-bit bfloat type.
bool is16bitFPTy () const
 Return true if this is a 16-bit float type.
bool isFloatTy () const
 Return true if this is 'float', a 32-bit IEEE fp type.
bool isDoubleTy () const
 Return true if this is 'double', a 64-bit IEEE fp type.
bool isX86_FP80Ty () const
 Return true if this is x86 long double.
bool isFP128Ty () const
 Return true if this is 'fp128'.
bool isPPC_FP128Ty () const
 Return true if this is powerpc long double.
bool isIEEELikeFPTy () const
 Return true if this is a well-behaved IEEE-like type, which has a IEEE compatible layout as defined by APFloat::isIEEE(), and does not have non-IEEE values, such as x86_fp80's unnormal values.
bool isFloatingPointTy () const
 Return true if this is one of the floating-point types.
bool isMultiUnitFPType () const
 Returns true if this is a floating-point type that is an unevaluated sum of multiple floating-point units.
const fltSemanticsgetFltSemantics () const
bool isX86_MMXTy () const
 Return true if this is X86 MMX.
bool isX86_AMXTy () const
 Return true if this is X86 AMX.
bool isTargetExtTy () const
 Return true if this is a target extension type.
bool isScalableTargetExtTy () const
 Return true if this is a target extension type with a scalable layout.
bool isScalableTy () const
 Return true if this is a type whose size is a known multiple of vscale.
bool isFPOrFPVectorTy () const
 Return true if this is a FP type or a vector of FP.
bool isLabelTy () const
 Return true if this is 'label'.
bool isMetadataTy () const
 Return true if this is 'metadata'.
bool isTokenTy () const
 Return true if this is 'token'.
bool isIntegerTy () const
 True if this is an instance of IntegerType.
bool isIntegerTy (unsigned Bitwidth) const
 Return true if this is an IntegerType of the given width.
bool isIntOrIntVectorTy () const
 Return true if this is an integer type or a vector of integer types.
bool isIntOrIntVectorTy (unsigned BitWidth) const
 Return true if this is an integer type or a vector of integer types of the given width.
bool isIntOrPtrTy () const
 Return true if this is an integer type or a pointer type.
bool isFunctionTy () const
 True if this is an instance of FunctionType.
bool isStructTy () const
 True if this is an instance of StructType.
bool isArrayTy () const
 True if this is an instance of ArrayType.
bool isPointerTy () const
 True if this is an instance of PointerType.
bool isOpaquePointerTy () const
 True if this is an instance of an opaque PointerType.
bool isPtrOrPtrVectorTy () const
 Return true if this is a pointer type or a vector of pointer types.
bool isVectorTy () const
 True if this is an instance of VectorType.
bool canLosslesslyBitCastTo (Type *Ty) const
 Return true if this type could be converted with a lossless BitCast to type 'Ty'.
bool isEmptyTy () const
 Return true if this type is empty, that is, it has no elements or all of its elements are empty.
bool isFirstClassType () const
 Return true if the type is "first class", meaning it is a valid type for a Value.
bool isSingleValueType () const
 Return true if the type is a valid type for a register in codegen.
bool isAggregateType () const
 Return true if the type is an aggregate type.
bool isSized (SmallPtrSetImpl< Type * > *Visited=nullptr) const
 Return true if it makes sense to take the size of this type.
TypeSize getPrimitiveSizeInBits () const LLVM_READONLY
 Return the basic size of this type if it is a primitive type.
unsigned getScalarSizeInBits () const LLVM_READONLY
 If this is a vector type, return the getPrimitiveSizeInBits value for the element type.
int getFPMantissaWidth () const
 Return the width of the mantissa of this type.
bool isIEEE () const
 Return whether the type is IEEE compatible, as defined by the eponymous method in APFloat.
TypegetScalarType () const
 If this is a vector type, return the element type, otherwise return 'this'.
subtype_iterator subtype_begin () const
subtype_iterator subtype_end () const
ArrayRef< Type * > subtypes () const
subtype_reverse_iterator subtype_rbegin () const
subtype_reverse_iterator subtype_rend () const
TypegetContainedType (unsigned i) const
 This method is used to implement the type iterator (defined at the end of the file).
unsigned getNumContainedTypes () const
 Return the number of types in the derived type.
unsigned getIntegerBitWidth () const
TypegetFunctionParamType (unsigned i) const
unsigned getFunctionNumParams () const
bool isFunctionVarArg () const
StringRef getStructName () const
unsigned getStructNumElements () const
TypegetStructElementType (unsigned N) const
uint64_t getArrayNumElements () const
TypegetArrayElementType () const
StringRef getTargetExtName () const
TypegetNonOpaquePointerElementType () const
 Only use this method in code that is not reachable with opaque pointers, or part of deprecated methods that will be removed as part of the opaque pointers transition.
TypegetWithNewType (Type *EltTy) const
 Given vector type, change the element type, whilst keeping the old number of elements.
TypegetWithNewBitWidth (unsigned NewBitWidth) const
 Given an integer or vector type, change the lane bitwidth to NewBitwidth, whilst keeping the old number of lanes.
TypegetExtendedType () const
 Given scalar/vector integer type, returns a type with elements twice as wide as in the original type.
unsigned getPointerAddressSpace () const
 Get the address space of this pointer or pointer vector type.
PointerTypegetPointerTo (unsigned AddrSpace=0) const
 Return a pointer to the current type.

Static Public Member Functions

static FixedVectorTypeget (Type *ElementType, unsigned NumElts)
static FixedVectorTypeget (Type *ElementType, const FixedVectorType *FVTy)
static FixedVectorTypegetInteger (FixedVectorType *VTy)
static FixedVectorTypegetExtendedElementVectorType (FixedVectorType *VTy)
static FixedVectorTypegetTruncatedElementVectorType (FixedVectorType *VTy)
static FixedVectorTypegetSubdividedVectorType (FixedVectorType *VTy, int NumSubdivs)
static FixedVectorTypegetHalfElementsVectorType (FixedVectorType *VTy)
static FixedVectorTypegetDoubleElementsVectorType (FixedVectorType *VTy)
static bool classof (const Type *T)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::VectorType
static VectorTypeget (Type *ElementType, ElementCount EC)
 This static method is the primary way to construct an VectorType.
static VectorTypeget (Type *ElementType, unsigned NumElements, bool Scalable)
static VectorTypeget (Type *ElementType, const VectorType *Other)
static VectorTypegetInteger (VectorType *VTy)
 This static method gets a VectorType with the same number of elements as the input type, and the element type is an integer type of the same width as the input element type.
static VectorTypegetExtendedElementVectorType (VectorType *VTy)
 This static method is like getInteger except that the element types are twice as wide as the elements in the input type.
static VectorTypegetTruncatedElementVectorType (VectorType *VTy)
static VectorTypegetSubdividedVectorType (VectorType *VTy, int NumSubdivs)
static VectorTypegetHalfElementsVectorType (VectorType *VTy)
 This static method returns a VectorType with half as many elements as the input type and the same element type.
static VectorTypegetDoubleElementsVectorType (VectorType *VTy)
 This static method returns a VectorType with twice as many elements as the input type and the same element type.
static bool isValidElementType (Type *ElemTy)
 Return true if the specified type is valid as a element type.
static bool classof (const Type *T)
 Methods for support type inquiry through isa, cast, and dyn_cast.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from llvm::Type
static TypegetPrimitiveType (LLVMContext &C, TypeID IDNumber)
 Return a type based on an identifier.
static TypegetVoidTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetLabelTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetHalfTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetBFloatTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetFloatTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetDoubleTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetMetadataTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetX86_FP80Ty (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetFP128Ty (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetPPC_FP128Ty (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetX86_MMXTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetX86_AMXTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetTokenTy (LLVMContext &C)
static IntegerTypegetIntNTy (LLVMContext &C, unsigned N)
static IntegerTypegetInt1Ty (LLVMContext &C)
static IntegerTypegetInt8Ty (LLVMContext &C)
static IntegerTypegetInt16Ty (LLVMContext &C)
static IntegerTypegetInt32Ty (LLVMContext &C)
static IntegerTypegetInt64Ty (LLVMContext &C)
static IntegerTypegetInt128Ty (LLVMContext &C)
template<typename ScalarTy >
static TypegetScalarTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetFloatingPointTy (LLVMContext &C, const fltSemantics &S)
static TypegetWasm_ExternrefTy (LLVMContext &C)
static TypegetWasm_FuncrefTy (LLVMContext &C)

Protected Member Functions

 FixedVectorType (Type *ElTy, unsigned NumElts)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::VectorType
 VectorType (Type *ElType, unsigned EQ, Type::TypeID TID)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from llvm::Type
 Type (LLVMContext &C, TypeID tid)
 ~Type ()=default
unsigned getSubclassData () const
void setSubclassData (unsigned val)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from llvm::Type
enum  TypeID {
  HalfTyID = 0 , BFloatTyID , FloatTyID , DoubleTyID ,
  X86_FP80TyID , FP128TyID , PPC_FP128TyID , VoidTyID ,
  LabelTyID , MetadataTyID , X86_MMXTyID , X86_AMXTyID ,
  TokenTyID , IntegerTyID , FunctionTyID , PointerTyID ,
  StructTyID , ArrayTyID , FixedVectorTyID , ScalableVectorTyID ,
  TypedPointerTyID , TargetExtTyID
 Definitions of all of the base types for the Type system. More...
using subtype_iterator = Type *const *
using subtype_reverse_iterator = std::reverse_iterator< subtype_iterator >
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::VectorType
const unsigned ElementQuantity
 The element quantity of this vector.
- Protected Attributes inherited from llvm::Type
unsigned NumContainedTys = 0
 Keeps track of how many Type*'s there are in the ContainedTys list.
Type *constContainedTys = nullptr
 A pointer to the array of Types contained by this Type.

Detailed Description

Class to represent fixed width SIMD vectors.

Definition at line 539 of file DerivedTypes.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FixedVectorType()

llvm::FixedVectorType::FixedVectorType ( Type ElTy,
unsigned  NumElts 

Definition at line 541 of file DerivedTypes.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ classof()

static bool llvm::FixedVectorType::classof ( const Type T)

Definition at line 578 of file DerivedTypes.h.

References llvm::Type::FixedVectorTyID.

◆ get() [1/2]

static FixedVectorType * llvm::FixedVectorType::get ( Type ElementType,
const FixedVectorType FVTy 

Definition at line 547 of file DerivedTypes.h.

References get(), and getNumElements().

◆ get() [2/2]

FixedVectorType * FixedVectorType::get ( Type ElementType,
unsigned  NumElts 

Definition at line 692 of file Type.cpp.

References llvm::LLVMContextImpl::Alloc, assert(), llvm::ElementCount::getFixed(), and llvm::VectorType::isValidElementType().

Referenced by llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::ShuffleCostEstimator::add(), buildIntrinsicArgTypes(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::canMapToVector(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::canVectorizeLoads(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::computeMinimumValueSizes(), llvm::ConstantFoldGetElementPtr(), llvm::MatrixBuilder::CreateColumnMajorLoad(), CreateGCRelocates(), llvm::MatrixBuilder::CreateMatrixMultiply(), llvm::MatrixBuilder::CreateMatrixTranspose(), createTblForTrunc(), emitX86ScalarSelect(), evaluateInDifferentElementOrder(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::findReusedOrderedScalars(), llvm::X86InstrInfo::foldMemoryOperandImpl(), foldTruncInsEltPair(), foldVecTruncToExtElt(), llvm::ConstantVector::get(), llvm::ConstantDataVector::get(), get(), llvm::VectorType::get(), llvm::AArch64TTIImpl::getArithmeticReductionCost(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::getArithmeticReductionCost(), llvm::ARMTTIImpl::getArithmeticReductionCost(), getCmpOpsType(), llvm::ConstantDataVector::getFP(), llvm::TargetTransformInfoImplCRTPBase< T >::getInstructionCost(), llvm::BasicTTIImplBase< T >::getInterleavedMemoryOpCost(), llvm::ARMTTIImpl::getInterleavedMemoryOpCost(), llvm::RISCVTTIImpl::getInterleavedMemoryOpCost(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::getInterleavedMemoryOpCost(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::getInterleavedMemoryOpCostAVX512(), getIntrinsicParamType(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::getMaskedMemoryOpCost(), getMemCmpLoad(), llvm::GCNTTIImpl::getMemcpyLoopLoweringType(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::getMemoryOpCost(), llvm::BasicTTIImplBase< T >::getMinMaxReductionCost(), llvm::ARMTTIImpl::getMinMaxReductionCost(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::getMinMaxReductionCost(), llvm::SPIRVGlobalRegistry::getOrCreateSPIRVVectorType(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::getReorderingData(), llvm::BasicTTIImplBase< T >::getReplicationShuffleCost(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::getReplicationShuffleCost(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::getScalarizationOverhead(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::LookAheadHeuristics::getShallowScore(), getShuffleCost(), llvm::RISCVTTIImpl::getShuffleCost(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::getShuffleCost(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::getSpillCost(), llvm::BasicTTIImplBase< T >::getStoreMinimumVF(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::getTreeCost(), llvm::BasicTTIImplBase< T >::getTreeReductionCost(), llvm::EVT::getTypeForEVT(), getTypeForLLT(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::getVectorInstrCost(), getX86MaskVec(), llvm::BasicTTIImplBase< T >::improveShuffleKindFromMask(), insertSinCosCall(), llvm::X86TTIImpl::instCombineIntrinsic(), isVectorPromotionViableForSlice(), LLVMVectorType(), LowerFSINCOS(), llvm::AArch64TargetLowering::lowerInterleavedLoad(), llvm::ARMTargetLowering::lowerInterleavedLoad(), llvm::AArch64TargetLowering::lowerInterleavedStore(), llvm::ARMTargetLowering::lowerInterleavedStore(), llvm::RISCVTargetLowering::lowerInterleavedStore(), lowerKernelArguments(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::ShuffleInstructionBuilder::needToDelay(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::optimizeGatherSequence(), optimizeSection(), optimizeVectorResizeWithIntegerBitCasts(), promoteAllocaUserToVector(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::reorderTopToBottom(), shrinkFPConstantVector(), simplifyAMDGCNMemoryIntrinsicDemanded(), simplifyX86extrq(), simplifyX86insertq(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::transformNodes(), upgradeARMIntrinsicCall(), upgradeArmOrAarch64IntrinsicFunction(), llvm::UpgradeIntrinsicCall(), upgradeMaskedCompare(), upgradePTESTIntrinsic(), upgradeX86PSLLDQIntrinsics(), upgradeX86PSRLDQIntrinsics(), llvm::slpvectorizer::BoUpSLP::vectorizeTree(), and llvm::InstCombinerImpl::visitShuffleVectorInst().

◆ getDoubleElementsVectorType()

static FixedVectorType * llvm::FixedVectorType::getDoubleElementsVectorType ( FixedVectorType VTy)

Definition at line 574 of file DerivedTypes.h.

References llvm::VectorType::getDoubleElementsVectorType().

◆ getExtendedElementVectorType()

static FixedVectorType * llvm::FixedVectorType::getExtendedElementVectorType ( FixedVectorType VTy)

Definition at line 555 of file DerivedTypes.h.

References llvm::VectorType::getExtendedElementVectorType().

◆ getHalfElementsVectorType()

static FixedVectorType * llvm::FixedVectorType::getHalfElementsVectorType ( FixedVectorType VTy)

Definition at line 570 of file DerivedTypes.h.

References llvm::VectorType::getHalfElementsVectorType().

◆ getInteger()

static FixedVectorType * llvm::FixedVectorType::getInteger ( FixedVectorType VTy)

Definition at line 551 of file DerivedTypes.h.

References llvm::VectorType::getInteger().

◆ getNumElements()

unsigned llvm::FixedVectorType::getNumElements ( ) const

◆ getSubdividedVectorType()

static FixedVectorType * llvm::FixedVectorType::getSubdividedVectorType ( FixedVectorType VTy,
int  NumSubdivs 

Definition at line 564 of file DerivedTypes.h.

References llvm::VectorType::getSubdividedVectorType().

◆ getTruncatedElementVectorType()

static FixedVectorType * llvm::FixedVectorType::getTruncatedElementVectorType ( FixedVectorType VTy)

Definition at line 559 of file DerivedTypes.h.

References llvm::VectorType::getTruncatedElementVectorType().

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